We support proposed changes to APM 010 and 015 but oppose proposed changes to APM 016

June 13, 2012

Vice Provost Susan Carlson
1111 Franklin St., 11th Fl.
University of California
Oakland, CA 94607

Re: Support for proposed changes to APM 010 and 015
Opposition to the proposed change to APM 016

Dear Vice Provost Carlson,

The Council of UC Faculty Associations strongly supports the proposed additions to the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) sections 010 and 015. These welcome changes will institutionalize protections for faculty speech that are greatly needed in response to recent court rulings.

The proposed change to APM 016 is a different matter. We are not aware of any need for or rationalization for this change. The scope of this addition is ambiguous at best. It is open to a wide range of interpretations. Broadly interpreted such a provision could be used to nullify the protections of APM 010 and 015 and subject a faculty member to “administrative actions” for any statement or behavior that is viewed as inconsistent with any ad hoc or arbitrary proclamation from any administrator. Thus we strongly oppose the proposed addition to APM 016.


Joe Kiskis
Vice President for External Relations Council of UC Faculty Associations and
Professor of Physics, UC Davis

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