Our Ask Regarding the Retiree Health Benefits Advisory Committee

A coalition of UC unions, including the Council of UC Faculty Associations, sent the following letter to UC President Janet Napolitano, asking to be a part of a new working group that UC is creating to discuss retiree health benefits:

October 26, 2017

The Honorable Janet Napolitano, President
University of California
1111 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94607

RE: Retiree Health Benefits Advisory Committee

Dear President Napolitano:

Our members have received notices that the University of California is establishing an advisory group regarding their retiree health benefits. Despite the fact that we represent over 75,000 UC employees, we have not received official notice of this process that may profoundly affect our members’ lives for years after their retirement.

We demand participation and transparency in this process. While our participation would in no way waive each union’s right to bargain over issues considered by the advisory group, we demand that this process be inclusive and transparent.

Specifically, we insist on:

(1) Representatives of the UC Union Coalition be placed on the advisory committee for retiree health benefits;

(2) Fully open meetings of the advisory committee where observers are welcome to attend; and

(3) Public availability of all resources, documents and deliberations brought before, and that take place in, the advisory committee.

Please contact Jelger Kalmijn from UPTE-CWA on behalf of the UC Union Coalition to coordinate our participation on the Advisory Committee.


Kathryn Lybarger, President – American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Local 3299

Dalia Tayag, Chief Nurse Representative, Board of Directors, CNA/NNOC

Michael Burawoy and Susette Min, Co-VPs of External Relations, Council of UC Faculty Associations

Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer, Teamsters Local 2010

Stuart Bussey, M.D., J.D., President, Union of American Physicians and Dentists, AFSCME

Mia McIver, President, University Council-American Federation of Teachers

Jelger Kalmijn, President, University Professional and Technical Employees-CWA Local 9119

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