CUCFA News Archives

The continuing deterioration of compensation and benefits

Our letter opposing SCA1, which would strip UC of its constitutional authority

California public higher education coalition letter to Gov. Brown

Council of UC Faculty Associations statement on the UC Regents meeting

Our statement on UC's planned tuition increases

American Association of University Professors and Council of University of California Faculty Associations Announce Partnership Agreement

CUCFA Statement on "Civility" and Academic Freedom

UC and CSU stakeholders urge Gov. Brown to approve AB 1476 - funding for higher education

Senate Rules Committee Should Reject Unconstitutionally Nominated Regents

CUCFA Concerns re: Rescission of 1989 Guidelines on University-Industry Relations

Support AB 1834, which would allow UC’s Graduate Student Researchers to unionize

Letter to Budget Conference Committee: Support Assembly Budget

CUCFA statement on UAW negotiations and strike

The Degradation of Faculty Welfare and Compensation

Letter to UC regarding health care plan changes
    President Napolitano's Response

Letter to San Francisco City Attorney Herrera re: ACCJC suit

University of California Faculty ask for the release of Professors Greyson and Loubani

Letter in Support of SB 195 with recommended amendments

CUCFA statement on the selection of Janet Napolitano as incoming UC President

CUCFA Statement Opposing Threat to City College of San Francisco's Accreditation

CUCFA President Meister's Open Letter to Coursera Founder Daphne Koller

Our Letter to the UC President Search Committees

The New (?) Patent Agreement between UC and its Faculty: has there been enough consultation?

CUCFA Supports Proposition 30 and Opposes Propositions 32 and 38

Many UC faculty support SB 259, which would allow GSR's to unionize

Governor Brown Announces Pension Reform Agreement (UC exempted for now)

Our letter in support for the intent of SCA 22 which would limit out of state enrollments

Another letter to Governor Brown about UC Regent vacancies

University of California pension reform: already completed

California’s Legislators Can Resuscitate the Master Plan

We support proposed changes to APM 010 and 015 but oppose proposed changes to APM 016

Letter to Legislators Considering the Governor's Latest Budget Proposal

What Governor Brown’s May Budget Proposal Means for UC

An Open Letter to Governor Brown and the Boards of California’s Higher Ed Systems

UC Faculty Join "99 Mile March" to Sacramento

Letter to Governor Brown: When Nominating Regent Follow Article 9 Section 9e of California Constitution

Letter to President Yudof objecting to hiring William Bratton to investigate UC Davis pepper-spray incident

The Council of UC Faculty Associations Condemns Police Violence Against Non-Violent Protesters

Statement of support for Ohio public employees, and the successful overturning Ohio's SB 5

UC Faculty Associations Urge Support of Occupy Wall Street

We Ask Governor Brown to Enforce Article 9, section 9e of the State Constitution

Proposed Oil Extraction Tax to Fund California's Public Higher Education: AB 1326

FA Chapter Co-Chair Rosen Responds to Daily Californian Crane Article

We Send Our Anti-Crane Petition to Brown and the Senate Rules Committee Members

CUCFA President Responds to a San Francisco Chronicle Pro-Crane Editorial

Schwarzenegger violated the California Constitution when he nominated David Crane as a UC Regent

UC Faculty Outraged by the "Gilded 36" and Worried About Repercussions for UC

Press Release In Advance of Regent's Special December Meeting

CUCFA Concerned About Gun Incident At Student Protest

Index of Robert Meister's articles about UC's use of tuition as collateral for construction bonds

Open Letter from CUCFA President Meister to UC President Yudof on This Year's Tuition Increase

CUCFA President Meister's Keynote Address to AAUP West Coast Conference

Our letter to UC Objecting to Proposed Retirement Changes

We Oppose SB 969 - Student Fees Should be Reduced with State Support

We Ask Gov. Schwarzenegger to Sign SB650 - Whistleblower Protection

Our Letter in Support of LAO Compromise Language on Funding UCRP

We Support AB 1901's Reaffirmation of the Essential Tenets of the Master Plan

The UC Commission on the Future and the Edley Proposal for a Cyber-Campus: An Interim Report from the Berkeley Faculty Association

Letter to LAO About State's Obligation to UCRP Funding

Without quality public education, there is no future for democracy

Letter to Legislators and the Governor: How Much Will It Cost to Restore Public Higher Education

Our Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger Asking for Restart of UCRP Funding

Letter to Each Legislator Calling on them to Ask the Regents to Postpone Vote on Fee Hike

Where Does UC Tuition Go?

CUCFA Continues to call for an Audit of Construction Bonds

Presentation to Regents Committee on Audit and Compliance

Meister: Are They Saying I’m Right? “They Pledged Your Tuition” III

Response to Faculty Questions: "They Pledged Your Tuition" II

They Pledged Your Tuition

Requested changes to the new Commission for the Future of UC

Report on Regents Meeting by CUCFA President Robert Meister

CUCFA President's Speech to the Regents, July 15, 2009

CUCFA challenges the legality of the Regents' proposed emergency actions

Our letter to the Regents Opposing Proposed Emergency Powers

Our letter to the authors of SCA 21 and ACA 24 (Regental Autonomy)

Budget Conference Committee Letter

CUCFA Requests State Restart Contributions to UCRP

Request Amendments to AB 53: State Employee Salary Freeze

Request Amendments to AB 656: Higher Ed Funding Via Oil Severance Tax

SB 220 Improves 'Whistleblower' Definition of Protected Disclosure

We Support SB 219, Which Repairs Whistleblower Protection Laws

Our Strong Reservations About the Approach in SB 217 -- Updated 4/20

CUCFA Urges No Vote on Proposition 1A

Letter to Legislative "Big 5" Re: Governor's Proposal and LAO Report

Questions Re: University – Industry Partnerships

Letter to UC President Yudof About Outsourcing of UC Retirement Plan Administration

Concern About Outsourcing of UC Retirement Plan Administration

AB 2296 – Support and request amendment

Another ACA 5 Letter, Expanding on CUCFA's Proposed Amendments

Letter to Mark Yudof Regarding Natural Reserve System Management

ACA 16 (stable funding for higher education) - Support if amended

ACA 5 (UC retirement fund governance) - Support if amended

CUCFA Opposes "Fully Funded" Language in Proposed Budget Amendment

CUCFA Supports SB 325 as Amended May 20, 2008

April 21st Rally at the Capitol

CUCFA at the Capitol: April 8, 2008

Legislative Update: April 2, 2008

CUCFA Position Paper -- Restoring the Promise

CUCFA Supports SB 1696 - the public's right to know should not be contracted away

Our Letter to the Regents and Academic Senate re: SCR 52 (UC Retirement Plan Governance)

CUCFA Mourns the Loss of Professor Charles Nash

CUCFA Supports SCR 52 -- Employee / Employer Joint Governance of UC Retirement System

Legislature Considers Revamp of CPEC Faculty Salary Comparison Methodology

CUCFA Supports SB 190 (a second try at UC executive pay transparency, see AB 775 of 2006 below)

Letter to Ms. Judith Boyette Re: Final Transfer of LANL Pension Funds

2005-06 Legislative Session Wrap-up

CUCFA Supports AB 775 (which would require the Regents always discuss executive pay in public)

Privatization - The UCPB Report on The Future of UC

Legislative Update: March, 2006

Letter to Senate Education Committee Regarding UC Salaries

CUCFA Urges Regent's to Postpone Senior Leadership Compensation Plan

CUCFA Has Concerns About Division of Assets Between UCRP and the LANSLLC

OP ED Published in SF Chron "The real scandal: moves to privatize higher education"

The report of our October 2005 meeting with UCOP representatives

Our legislative update from the September 2005 newsletter

"Public Employee Pension Plans Under Fire" from the February 2005 newsletter