The Council of University of California Faculty Associations is a coordinating and service agency for the several individual Faculty Associations — associations of UC Senate faculty — on the separate campuses of the University of California, and it represents them to all state- or university-wide agencies on issues of common concern. It gathers and disseminates information on issues before the legislative and executive branches of California’s government, other relevant state units dealing with higher education, the University administration, and the Board of Regents. The Faculty Associations are voluntary dues supported organizations and are therefore completely independent. [More…]


CUCFA is committed to renewing public investment in California higher education by giving every California family a stake in the system by restoring full access and by regaining the trust of the people by restoring accountability. The public-spirited legacy of generations will be squandered if the best of the system is financially out of reach for most citizens and increasingly controlled by corporate funders. The people of California will support higher education if it serves us all again. [More…]

Latest News and Issues

Our letter opposing SB-424 on warrantless covert surveillance

The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) strongly opposes SB 424 as introduced. This bill is essentially the same as AB 992 (as introduced), which was rejected by the Senate Public Safety Committee in 2005. The reasons for rejecting SB 424 today parallel those applied to AB 992 in 2005… [More]

Our letter to President Napolitano about maintaining health options

The healthcare petition has been sent to President Napolitano. It generated 2,611 signatures, the vast majority senate faculty. The full letter is available [here]

The continuing deterioration of compensation and benefits

A year ago Colleen Lye and James Vernon, co-chairs of the Berkeley Faculty Association, drew the attention of faculty across the ten campuses of the University of California to the continuing degradation of their pensions, benefits and salaries… This analysis has recently been confirmed by UCOP’s own study of total remuneration. The executive summary of this document contains the following depressing bullet points… [More]

Our letter opposing SCA1, which would strip UC of its constitutional authority

The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) opposes SCA 1. While some actions of the Regents and the UC administration generate criticism with which we concur, we do not believe that the UC governance structure itself is fundamentally flawed. The University’s long term goals of access, affordability, and excellence are well served by an independent, diverse Board of Regents that can represent the perspectives of the citizens of California, promote the beneficial, enduring values of the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and moderate the interaction of a public university with the political process. [More]